QuickBooks Services

Desert Tax utilizes QuickBooks to help customers perform their basic day to day accounting functions.

Owner David Acosta has over 15 years of experience using QuickBooks. With this experience, he can help recommend what QuickBooks version you should acquire for your own business needs.

With some initial hands-on training, we will get you up and running so you can take over the helm as required.

Or we can establish a data entry program that will take the more mundane debits and credits out of your hands and put it into our own.

This will free you up to do the things that you need to do to create a balanced life work ratio, and keep your business running on the straight and narrow.

Now a days with the advent of technology, there are many decisions that can be made in the choosing of Quickbooks. Shall the client stick to traditional desk-top or delve into the QuickBooks Online platform.

Is payroll and inventory required? And if so to what extent.

Desert Tax will help the customer make the best practical decisions to the betterment of the customers.

At Desert Tax we strive to access client’s books by remotely logging via such platforms a LogMeIn, and other state of the art methods that keep obtrusiveness to a minimum.

Please contact for a chat and I would love to talk about your needs and let’s see what we can come up with.